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Marquis Mortgage wants to be a reliable source of broker information to those who are intersted in working with us. We work diligently to provide extraordinary service to our brokers and we recognize that you are a very important part of our business. We value and appreciate your decision to work with us each and every time. If you have been frustrated by promises of speed that cannot be kept, quotes that do not hold firm, and false declarations of ability to fund, you will find Marquis Mortgage to be a change from business as usual in hard money lending.

Marquis Mortgage hard money loan guidelines are pretty straight forward. We focus mainly on borrowers cash invested in transaction and the collateral value of the property. Typically we will lend up to 70% of the collateral value. Every deal is different depending on compensating factors.

We lend hard money throughout the state of Texas for residential and commercial property. We specialize in the El Paso, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas Area, and often times have additional flexibility on hard money loans in El Paso. This flexibility can allow for higher loan to value ratios in some cases.

Our fees are typically 3-5%, $750 Attorney fees, $80 Escrow set up fee. Appraiser will be chosen by lender, if required.

Licensed NMLS BROKERS ARE PROTECTED, and paid directly on HUD.

Loan will close in your name so you will have to disclose and be in compliance with your borrower and fees cannot be in violation of Respa Sec32. if your loan to value fits our guidelines, give us a call, or email and we will be in touch with you within 24 business hours.

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